Rescue & Adoption 

As a state-licensed no-kill private rescue shelter, Golden Paw takes in all types of animals  - the unwanted, the abused or neglected, the strays, and those that can no longer be afforded or need homes because of the health or deaths of their owners. In 2019 and 2020 we found homes for 1,000 pets!

Our Rescue & Adoption Services

  • Shelter & care for surrendered & stray dogs, cats & other animals - sometimes even farm animals.​ There is no fee for surrendering, regardless of the reason. 
  • Vaccinations, heartworm testing & spaying/neutering prior to adoption, as required under regulations for rescue shelters. We also address any other medical needs prior to adoption. All of these costs are included in adoption fees. 
  • Foster care for very young puppies & kittens & for animals with temporary health issues or needing socialization to increase their chances of adoption.   Come in and fill out an application if you're interested in fostering animals. 
  • Overnight home visits prior to adoption to ensure adaptability to other pets or to simply "test drive" a potential adoptee. ​
  • The opportunity to romp with dogs in our large outdoor play area prior to the decision to adopt. Bring your pets to see if they're compatible with the dog you're considering for adoption.  
  • Payment of deposits to hold an animal until Golden Paw can get it spayed/neutered and vaccinated and have any health needs addressed. We know how excited you'll be to take home your new pet, so this is generally done within a week of paying a deposit. If the animal is already spayed/neutered and has all of its vaccinations, then no deposit is required; the adoption can be completed and the animal can go home immediately. 
Ask about our Microchipping service for $20



How much are

our adoption fees?

Adoption fees vary by breed, age and medical needs of the animal. These fees include all veterinary care, such as spaying/neutering, vaccinations, and treatment of any known medical conditions prior to adoption.   

Adoption fees are non-refundable if the adoption does not work out. 

These adoption fees cover the costs of running a private non-government funded rescue shelter. There are veterinary expenses, the costs of preventive vaccines, and flea/tick and worming treatments, costs of food and care for well over 200 animals at any given time. Don't forget we also have to pay for city and state license fees, utilities, supplies, building maintenance, and staff costs. This is only a partial list of the costs of running a rescue shelter.